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Changing the way operators deliver TV

Terrestrial Gateways

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Powerful Solutions for DTT
Appear TV offers innovative, flexible and compact head-ends for digital terrestrial television operators, which includes compression, statistical multiplexing, DVB-T/T2 adaptation and redundant distribution to transmitter sites. Appear TV has adopted a modular approach that maximizes the potential of the broadcast system through unprecedented integration and density.

All Appear TV modules are integrated into a full featured and intuitive management interface with a strong focus on operational aspects such as simple deployment and ease of use, without sacrificing the ability to control and monitor on a deep level every aspect of the system. The high density and tight integration is backed by a comprehensive set of redundancy features, providing all the safety measures required to enable dense, highly integrated systems.

The integration of every part of the required head-end functionality into the Appear TV system provides a valuable single vendor responsibility scenario; simplifying logistics, removing integration issues between vendors and enabling comprehensive end-to-end support. However, Appear TV remains strongly committed to open standards and ensuring third party equipment compatibility.

Terrestrial Gateways
Appear TV has integrated the gateway functionality for DVB-T2 into its system as an output module. The IP gateway can deliver 4 independent multi-PLP T2MI streams and the ASI gateway can deliver 2. Both the IP and ASI gateways have dual mirrored outputs. Full re-multiplexing and PSI/SI generation is supported on every PLP, making the T2MI gateway appear as a standard output in the system.  The system comes with an intuitive drag-and-drop user interface for setting up output streams, and provides advanced assistance in calculating PLP parameters based on desired bit-rate and time-interleaving depth.

Appear TV IP based gateways can be fully synchronized, and all head-end components are provided with advanced redundancy options. Together with the unique Appear TV network redundancy feature, true seamless end-to-end protection between the head-end and transmitter sites is provided, with no single points of failure.

Appear TV DVB-T2 gateways further support a variety of models for regional content insertion in SFN networks, including bandwidth optimal solutions for satellite distribution using PLP replacement and local gateways with re-multiplexing.

  • Modular platform, available in 4 RU and 1 RU variant
  • DVB-T (MIP insertion) and DVB-T2 gateways for SFN broadcasting
  • DVB-T/T2MI output on IP or ASI
  • Compatible with all available input modules, encoders and transcoders
  • DVB-T gateway features:
    • Up to 4 gateways per module
    • Aperiodic or periodic MIP insertion
    • Integrating multiplexing and PSI/SI generation per gateway
    • Integrated FEC (SMPTE 2022) generation (IP only)
  • DVB-T2 gateway features:
    • Up to 4 gateways per module (2 for ASI)
    • Up to 240 PLPs per gateway
    • Integrated multiplexing and PSI/SI generation per PLP
    • Integrated FEC (SMPTE 2022) generation (IP only)
    • Advanced gateway synchronization for 1+1 redundancy
    • Regionalization options
  • Integrated DVB-CSA/AES scrambling with Simulcrypt (option module)
  • Integrated EPG regeneration and insertion (option module)
  • Decoding to SDI or composite video for monitoring (option module)
  • All components replaceable and hot-swappable
  • Intuitive web-based management
  • Dual redundant hot-swappable power supplies
  • Monitoring of power and fans
  • SNMP trap generation
  • SOAP/XML interface for external control

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