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Changing the way operators deliver TV

Audio Levelling

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Dynamic Digital Audio Levelling (Award winning)
Appear TV’s Audio Leveling solution enables operators to equalize the audio level of both TV and radio channels originating from various studios, processed with different encoders. This solution lets operators tune the audio level of up to 250 audio tracks individually, within the MPEG domain. The Audio Leveling module supports MPEG-1 layer 1 or 2 audio with an adjustment range of +/- 30 dB.

The proposed solution simplifies the process of equalizing the audio levels of hundreds of channels by eliminating the need to decode and re-encode these TV and radio channels prior to transmitting them.

  • For equalisation of audio in TV and Radio services within a digital head-end
  • Audio volume control in an MPEG domain
  • Audio levelling of 250 channels
  • Supports MPEG 1, layer 1 / 2 audio
  • Adjustment range +- 30 dB
  • Integrated with an audio level measurement and control system
  • Dynamic Audio levels are controlled following EBU R-128 recommendation
  • 1 slot wide

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