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Changing the way operators deliver TV


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System of choice for multiservice cable operators
Appear TV’s decoder solutions enable cable operators to use a common hardware platform to deliver high quality analog and digital TV services. By integrating all functions into a single chassis, Appear TV is able to offer a high density solution boasting high performance outputs with exceptional reliability.
Built on the common XC5000 chassis platform, it is the most manageable solution on the market. The XC5000 offers an intuitive user interface as well as remote configuration of all modules, simplifying system deployment and reducing operational routines. The XC5000 includes a comprehensive alarm system along with facility for integration with 3rd party management systems, enabling fully automatic alarm capture and fault rectification.

Simulcast for Cable Operators
The XC5000 eliminates the need to distribute analog channels over the core network; ensuring optimal bandwidth utilization whilst maintaining complete flexibility of local programming. The high performance RF module supports PAL, SECAM and NTSC, Nicam and A2 audio.
The XC5000 chassis can also be equipped with digital QAM output or COFDM output modules to deliver the digital subscriber package, enabling operators to manage both analog and digital services within a common platform, through a single user interface.

Downlink and Monitoring
Appear TV decoders with SDI/HD-SDI outputs and optional AES/EBU audio outputs are ideal for downlink and rebroadcast, or for local studio monitoring purposes. The XC5000 may be configured with DVB-S/S2, DVB-C or DVB-T/T2 input modules. This high density MPEG-2 SD/HD and MPEG-4 AVC (H.264) SD/HD decoder with SDI/HD-SDI output enables decoding of up to 32 channels in a single 4RU chassis. Multiple output options are available; SDI/HD-SDI and CVBS (Composite), as well as RF modulation.

Cable FM Radio System
Appear TV FM radio decoders offer cable operators a compact solution for the delivery of radio services. Decoding and FM modulating up to 8 radio services per module makes it possible to provide all required FM channels in a single chassis. This solution is easy to deploy and operate, and supports RDS data insertion. In addition, these FM radio decoders can be combined with decoders having built-in RF modulation and digital QAM modulator, making them a complete remote head-end for cable operators.

Appear TV provides two types of descramblers: one that is CAM-based (DVB-Common Interface) and another for bulk descrambling. The DVB-CI based descramblers are capable of descrambling up to 10 DVB scrambled services per CAM.
The bulk descrambler, on the other hand, is aimed at software-based CA systems. It is used for the descrambling of multiple services protected by one or more CA systems.
The bulk descrambler is capable of descrambling up to 250 DVB or AES scrambled services. With support for various CA systems, be it hardware-based or software-based, Appear TV’s descramblers are an efficient, space and energy saving solution.

Resilience is built into the Appear TV architecture. XC5000 modules are hot-swappable, including power supplies and fans. Pro MPEG FEC support is available, and Appear TV’s redundancy solution offers full or partial redundancy for a variety of failure scenarios.

  • Modular platform, available in 4 RU and 1 RU variant
  • Up to 32 channels in one 4 RU chassis
  • Up to 12 channels in one 1 RU chassis
  • Input options:
    • IP unicast/multicast
    • ASI
    • DVB-S/S2
    • DVB-T/T2
    • DVB-C / ITU-T J.83 Annex A, B and C
    • 8VSB
    • ISDB-T/ISDB-Tb
  • Decoding of:
    • MPEG-2 HD and SD
    • MPEG-4 AVC (H.264) HD and SD
  • Decoded output options:
    • Composite video (PAL and NTSC) with analogue audio
    • HD-SDI/SDI with embedded audio (up to four stereo pairs) or AES/EBU outputs
    • Analogue RF (PAL, SECAM and NTSC) with NICAM or A2 stereo support
    • FM radio with RDS insertion
    • IP and ASI outputs also available
  • Decoder supports:
    • VBI/VANC re-insertion
    • EBU/DVB subtitling support
    • Frame synchronization (Genlock)
    • Dolby® Digital Plus decoding, downmix to stereo and passthrough
    • On Screen Display Messaging (OSDM)
  • Demultiplexing and descrambling (CAM (DVB-CI) and bulk descrambling available)
  • All components replaceable and hot-swappable
  • Intuitive web-based user control
  • Dual redundant hot-swappable power supplies
  • Monitoring of power and fans
  • SNMP trap generation
  • SOAP/XML interface for external control

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