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Changing the way operators deliver TV


Power and flexibility in signal acquisition and distribution
Appear TV offers high-performance equipment designed with the needs of satellite operators in mind. Our product portfolio can be used in a number of applications. By offering flexible, high functionality and powerful solutions Appear TV help enable operators to build tomorrow’s solutions.

The modular design approach gives full choice in what type input, processing, and output formats the solution should cater for. Having the XC5000 chassis as base foundation the solution can be built to serve the specific need of the operator. Through function specific modules the user can customize the hardware configuration to fit their operational need by selecting modules to be installed in the chassis, where the choice of modules dictates the functionality of the system solution. This allows for an expandable "pay as you grow" architecture where additional hardware is added as channel line-up increases. 

The XC5000 can receive signals from a variety of sources including satellite (DVB-S/S2/S2X), terrestrial (DVB-T/T2), cable (QAM), IP networks, or local ASI and HD/SD-SDI feeds. Selected services are then descrambled, compressed, re-scrambled, multiplexed, and modulated to either RF or IF for satellite transmission.  The introduction of the new DVB-S/S2X modulator, featuring the sharper roll-off, higher constellation options and symbol rate defined by the S2X specification, help increase the value creation gained by a DTH head-end. Combined with the new UNIVERSAL compression portfolio the network efficiency is further exploited with Appear TV's second generation statistical multiplexing technology. The modulator support DVB-S as default and opens up for DVB-S2 or DVB-S2X with a license, enabling a future proof solution. With excellent RF specification and full pre-correction capability makes the new DVB-S/S2X modulator the most versatile DVB-S/S2X modulator on the market. 

Streaming between signal acquisition and uplink locations
The modularity of Appear TV solutions makes them ideal for operators who need to perform signal acquisition at a different location before multiplexing, modulation, and uplinking, thereby requiring transmission between sites. Using Appear TV equipment, operators can acquire, descramble, compress, scramble and multiplex content in one location, and stream it over IP or ASI to the uplink location where modulation (and possibly re-multiplexing) takes place prior to uplink.

IP content acquisition
Appear TV offers the most complete, flexible and scalable playout solutions. Our head-ends enable operators to acquire content over IP (for instance directly from studios) over a high capacity IP link. Content is descrambled and selected services transcoded and re-scrambled if required. Studio feeds are often transmitted as contribution feeds in 4:2:2 format. Appear TV's new UNIVERSAL High Video Qualtiy transcoder can receive H.264 4:2:2 coded contribution streams and transcode direct to 4:2:0 distribution format, eliminating the need to have seperate IRDs and encoders for decode/re-encode. Streams can then be distributed onwards via IP or ASI, or directly to a multiplexer and modulator for uplink.

Flexible scrambling solution
Appear TV’s powerful scrambling solution enables encryption and streaming of up to 250 services per scrambling module. The module supports simulcrypt scrambling of up to 4 different CA systems at the same time. In addition to DVB-CSA and AES scrambling support the module is capable of BISS scrambling of both standard definition and high definition MPEG-2 and MPEG-4 AVC (H.264) services. The scrambling solution supports advanced scrambling for PVR, but will require integration with CA vendor's specification. 

Service monitoring
Appear TV head-ends offer superior service monitoring solution. They enable high density of audio-visual outputs (up to 30 per chassis). In addition, the intuitive web management interface offers simple input statistics as well as alarm monitoring.