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Changing the way operators deliver TV


High capacity corporate networks
In an increasing number of industries, access to information is mission-critical. Companies in new media, finance, healthcare, hospitality, manufacturing and broadcasting have built high capacity internal networks, allowing them to transmit mission critical data, video and hundreds of TV channels to their employees and customers. Space restrictions for TVs in the workplace, and the inflexibility and cost of traditional coax cable networks, make IP streaming an attractive solution. AppearTV's solutions are ideal for organizations that need broadcast quality TV to be viewable on the PCs as well as the TV.

Carrier grade power in one box
Appear TV's XC5000 IP streamer is a compact, carrier-grade turn-key solution for corporations looking to stream media directly to PCs.

A powerful piece of broadcast grade equipment, the XC5000 can receive a high number of transport streams from multiple inputs. It descrambles selected encrypted services (accommodating all major CA systems) and streams them using IP to the corporate network (LAN/WAN).

These solutions offer professional features, superior reliability (including redundancy implementation for carrier-grade up-time) and high capacity. As well as satellite, additional input possibilities are available for those requiring them, such as cable, terrestrial, IP and ASI QAM, allowing many kinds of digital content (from broadcast services to telemedicine images and video).

The modular architecture of Appear TV's systems makes them scalable solutions that can be built to specification and easily expanded to meet future needs.

Ease of installation, use and integration
While powerful, Appear TV solutions are easy to install and operate, making them a perfect solution for a corporate network.

The XC5000 features an intuitive web management interface, offering remote access to each module and its functionality, simplifying initial configuration and operations. As the XC5000 is a carrier grade solution, the interface also enables monitoring of alarms and signals.