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Changing the way operators deliver TV


Innovative modular design for multiple installation scenarios
Appear TVs innovative modular approach enables it to offer the most flexible portfolio of solutions for cable operators, with support for the delivery of video services most formats and enabling a rapid transition to IP-based networks including OTT.  Appear TV offers powerful products that enable customers to have high capacity multiplexing and PSI/SI processing. Its modular approach offers complete flexibility in choices of input, processing, and output modules. Its market-leading total redundancy solution maximizes network performance and up-time by enabling redundancy and load sharing between centralized head-ends, as well as redundancy inside both central and regional head-ends.

Centralized head-ends
Appear TVs design philosophy enables operators to "build their own head end". With the XC5000 chassis as foundation and an extensive product portfolio containing a wide variety of input, processing, and output modules, the Appear TV solution can cater for all operational needs in a common chassis platform. In addition to being the perfect turn-around platform, the new UNIVERSAL compression modules enables the operator to take full control of bandwidth and maximize the QAM network efficiency through Appear TV's second generation statistical multiplexing technology. With an EPG module the solution can re-generate EPG schedule of up to 64 days from incoming EIT tables or via XML-TV import. By selecting appropriate modules according to need a full head-end solution can be achieved in a high density cost effective solution, supporting streaming of MPEG-2 and MPEG-4 AVC (H.264) compressed services.

Operators willing to stay current and competitive can increase their service offering to cover OTT with addition of Multiscreen transcoding modules coupled with Appear TV's ABR packager. The flexibility of Appear TV's products enable cable operators to become a hybrid broadcaster with minimal effort.

Regional head-ends
Appear TV regional head-end solves a number of operator needs, with its clever design, offering compactness and flexibility for edge solutions. The solution allows reception of multiplexes via any network (DVB-S/S2/S2X, DVB-T/T2, DVB-C, IP, ASI), adding in local channels and re-generation of EPG data prior to transmission to the region. With a variety of output modules available for broadcast over cable networks, Appear TV's regional head-ends offer truly full flexibility for operators. With modules covering analogue TV modulation as well as DVB-C/QAM and COFDM for digital cable, Appear TV enables simulcasting with ease. In addition to manage both analogue and digital tv services within a common platform, the solution is completed with addition of radio. Expanding on existing FM radio module, Appear TV recently launchced a new DAB/DAB+ modulator for radio services distributed over cable. 

For operators wanting to offer subscribers analogue TV services over coax in parallel to their digital services over ADSL, Appear TV offers a unique 'one box' solution. Located in either central or remote head-ends, the XC5000 platform can receive TV and radio services from different inputs, decode, modulate and up-convert into an RF signal for cable distribution. In this way, operators can utilize the same digital feed available in the backbone to send signals to either STBs or TVs (via coax network access) in the subscribers home. 

For complete cable head-end installations, whether containing analogue TV services, digital QAM services, radio, or all, the Appear TV solution is the obvious choice enabling operators to cover multiple transmission scenarios in the smallest possible footprint.