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Changing the way operators deliver TV


Powerful head-ends for digital broadcasting
Appear TV offers ADSL operators powerful head-ends for the acquisition, descrambling, compression, scrambling and streaming of digital content over their networks. With Appear TV's new UNIVERSAL compression suite operators can take full control of outgoing bandwidth in a high density encoder/transcoder module. The encoder module can process up to 2 HD or 4 SD services where the transcoder module can process an impressive service density of up to 4 HD or 16 SD services in a single module. The compression portfolio includes encoding/transcoding solutions for OTT giving operators a competitive advantage with an enhanced service offering. All input, processing, output functions are made available from a common chassis platform, providing simple and intuitive user interface for configuration and operation. 

The advanced features of its equipment, together with the focus on simplifying deployment gives operators real operational and business advantages.

Total flexibility in content acquisition
Appear TV head-ends are designed to enable operators to have a flexible content acquisition strategy and a wide selection of available services. The XC5000 can receive content from a variety of sources, including satellite (DVB-S/S2/S2X), terrestrial (DVB-T/T2), cable (QAM), IP networks, or local ASI and HD/SD-SDI feeds.

Selected services can then be descrambled (using all major CA systems) before undertaking further processing as compression and scrambling (if required) and finally being streamed over IP or ASI. Appear TV’s intuitive web interface and SOAP-based architecture make integration with third party network management equipment easy.

High performance scrambling and streaming
Appear TV’s professional scrambling solution enables encryption of selected services (CSA and AES scrambling) for both live TV and VOD to enable complete control of content encryption and revenue strategy.

High capacity streaming supports MPEG-2 and MPEG-4 for SD and HD services. The high functionality of Appear TV equipment includes full PSI/SI regeneration and the addition of service related PIDs. Its intuitive interface makes it extremely easy to define SPTS or MPTS services, encrypt them and assign to multicasts using a drag and drop approach.

Appear TV’s award winning total redundancy solution enables operators to build reliability into, inside and across networks for ‘always-on’ functionality.